“I'm the greatest Dragon Tamer that has ever existed! It's impossible to defeat me! Be a fool and fight me, if you want to die an early death!”

—Ren Zyanatori

Ren Zyanatori () is a central character, the deuteragonist and possessor of the Scalion Dragon in the original anime series, Dragon Tamers!. He is the former leader of both the White Lotus, a multi-national organization for orphans who target specifically powerful fighters, in an effort to steal their Sacred Beast and use their powers for their own purposes; as well as the Crimson Tamers, a group of rogue tamers bent on stealing other Sacred Beasts. Ren is often considered an anti-hero due to his antagonistic nature, ego-centric goals, and shady past. As the arch-rival of Wu Sakuragi, Ren often has different morals and views on life, than his rival. His main goal is to abolish the sufferings he must endure by killing the "Darkness" from within. Originally the World's Greatest Dragon Tamer, Ren was regarded highly by many and even after being defeated in the Regional Tournament finals, he was still considered a large threat. As time goes by, Ren evolves from initially a cold-hearted and brutal guy, who had no care for anybody but himself, to an extremely valuable teammate and friend of the Dragon Masters, eventually becoming the legendary Master Dragon Tamer, after revealing his destiny. Ren becomes the prophecy when he defeats Don Thousand, establishing himself as the strongest Dragon Tamer to have ever lived.

First Appearance (Anime) Dragon Tamers! Episode 1
Appears in Dragon Tamers!
Age 14(Season 1), 15 (Season 2), 16 (Seasons 3-4), 17 (Seasons 5-6)
Team Dragon Master, Devastation Boys, White Lotus, Crimson Tamers
Element Fire
  • Scalion Dragon
  • BETA Dragon
  • Kasiya
  • Scalion Dark Dragon
  • Ultimate Sear Dragon
  • Zyrusai Zyanatori (Grandfather)
  • Hiryu Zyanatori (Father)




Original SeriesEdit


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit



Signature TechniquesEdit

Battle RecordEdit

Regional TournamentEdit

Scalion DragonEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Raymond 1 Win
Wu Sakuragi 2 Win
Wu Sakuragi 4 Draw


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